up hills in japan!

It has been a little while. We have been getting lost and traveling through Japan!! We have finally returned to the states but have some more images from our travels. We planned to go hiking up this mountain, but it had just snowed and we really could not even get past the first 30 feet. The stairs leading to the hike were straight up! We were holding on as we walked up slick icy stairs. So our hike mostly consisted of the transportation it took to get there!! One of my favorite meals was going up to the start of the hike. There were little shops and restaurants along the hundreds of stairs that led to the cable car. In this little restaurant where they only had Kanji(Japanese writing) on the menu and the only thing we could communicate was tofu! The lunch special was tofu six different ways, including a yummy mushroom filled tofu. We loved how everything was up and down and the different forms of mountain transportation in Oyama.

This train goes straight up!

We put some coins in for good luck!

Matthew loved these turquoise chairs!

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